What about partnering?

There are different understandings of partnership.

Most people apply a correct partner-action-pattern to known situations – just by experience.
Problems occur, where a situation is beyond tolerance for selected action pattern.

One of these situations gave birth to the up2U-protocol.

/terms and conditions

Most people understand partnership as relation between people.
Others are also including established machine connections into the term.

/common ground

You need to share something, before You can deal with differences.
That might be values, states of mind, markets, organisations whatsoever.

Surpisingly, this is the same among people as well as machines.

When communication between machines established via interfaces, it needs to be a negotiation phase, sometimes is called “handshake”.

What will establish fruitful interaction between people?

/diversity of equals

I like the term “diversity of equals”. It emphasizes on the commonalities as well as their deviations made distinguable from the shared common ground.
Total equalilty of equals end in mono-culture.
Mono-cultures are perceived as “mass” which might temporarily estimated as “good”, but in long term will end up in deadly silence.

People know that instinctively, but react different on this perception.

Some take it as indicator to stay away (like my mother).
Some search for it as they perceive it as indicator of belonging.

Others experienced the result in the end, already.
They head towards a “fresh up”, because they know, deviation will include energy for change and result in a sustainable status of stability while handling constant Change
– which results from ever changing nature of the world.


Partnership occurs in deviating shapes.


Two of many shapes of partnership


Most adult people are familiar with usual shapes of partnerships.
Problems occur, where shapes are followed and even enforced, where others fit better.

The blue icon symbolizes well-defined, already established partnerships where roles are known and assigned.

question > < answer
request > < reply
consumer > < provider
customer > < supplier
leader > < follower

The red icon symbolizes a shape, where roles are not defined, yet or not assigned, yet.
While You are in phase of searching for the matter, this fits best to situations of Uncertainty. It is called eye-level.

Once, You know where to head to (∆! – ESD/ASD), You can establish roles, create formalized structure from that, assign roles and tasks to that roles.
The You are performing uninterrupted on the blue path.


Recently, I witnessed an expression of great wisdom.

People think too much and ask too rarely.
– Dr. Willi Brendle

Thinking includes also

  • unreflected assumptions
  • unspoken expections
  • unexamined relying upon experience

/what is this?

You experienced deviation in expected result/s.

What will You do?

  • What, if You perform the ever same action until You experience expected results?
  • What, if You adapt Your expectations to the results You experience?
  • What, if You adapt Your actions until You experience the result You expect?

/conclusion (in a brief)

Evolution is about survival of the fittest.

Not of the strongest.
Not of the loudest.
Not of the oldest.

By reacting on an environment You are exposed to, You ensure survival, once

  • You fitted shapes in mind
  • with actions at hand
  • to situations You are in.

/wake up from Your dream of stability!

A lot of people believe in an illusion of stability.
They believe, that everything will be as they are used to, as long as they do the ever same.

One hard truth is

You need to swim against the stream, if You want to stay where You are.

AND there are lots of possibilities to move smarter.


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.


  • Einstein – the questions of last year
  • Dr. Willi Brendle “Es wird zuviel gedacht und zu wenig gefragt.”

/additional sources

If You like the world to fit to Your imagination, start here.
Initial situation that initiated my activities to describe the up2U-sequence is reported here.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/invitation to resonante

I would like to ask You for three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all
– You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

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  • Feel free to forward this post to somebody who might gain benefit from it.
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  • Additionally, interaction is necessary to do great.
    Please, share Your thoughts by commenting (below) or contacting directly.
    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.

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