Welcome, dear valued reader!

Please, let me take a few seconds of attention to introduce myself.

My name is Alexander Gerber. I am philosopher by profession and consultant to earn my living.
I am father of three children, founder of some Businesses and participant in several networking communities.

All that is important for me and in some kind for You. That’s the basement on how we met each other here.

You are here to find out what the up2U-protocol is.
It is nothing “new”. You can use, whatever You learned and practice in human interaction so far. It is only a defined sequence to deal with Uncertainty (red path) and a description of what You do under Certainty (blue path).
The magic comes from determination that You are in a situation that contains some kind of Uncertainty based on not-knowing – yet.

May I ask for additional few minutes to tell You parts of the stories that were needed to experience by me?
These incidents and my reflection on them were needed to define the up2U-protocol.
I would like to share the glance and the abstracts with You, just to bring You further. That’s my intention and this evolves from my personal purpose in life.

Thank You once again for reading. Thank You for Your – hopefully undivided – attention during the next few moments.
We cannot take that for granted these day, anymore.

Now You are in.
Splattered attention is all around me. People cannot act on situations. They are firing action patterns that they have at hand. They do not bother about suitability. Often, they are just not able to reflect – anymore.
They once were. As they were children. Somehow and somewhere this basic human ability got lost in their life.

This is one of the most important reasons, why I long to give people a tool at their hands to allocate their energy where it is really need – and when it is really needed.

In my early days, I was barely astonished that some – later most – people around me do not “see” what I see.
Now, I know why. But, it needed this childish astonishment to notice.

Later, I suffered from this. In some situations, people just did not get the point.
No result-heading interaction was possible. In other situations, I (abstractly) asked to get in to be effective. People expected efficiency strictly, which I can deliver, surely, but later
… after I got the right idea of what is really needed.

After lots of personal pain, commercial loss and countless unrealized possibilities, I was able to get the point and converting it into something that is helpful for everybody that needs to interact on communication. Quite tremendous target audience, isn’t it?

May I ask You to spread the message?

It will cost You small amount of time, maybe a small amount of money – not necessarily, but it might speed up something.
What essentially is needed is ATTENTIVENESS.

It will bring You crystal clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong in the situation You are currently facing.
It will help You to allocate Your knowledge and abilities to where it can generate the most benefit.
It will help You to prevent wasting energy on situations You can change, but not in the way You presume.
It will help You to find out whether You can change something or just need to stand.

By that, it will make You calm, shiny, healthy, wealthy and relaxed about life.
It will help You to bring out, what You really are …
not what Your parents told You, they belief, You should do, to be once someone, that is needed from someone else who then exploits Your person as long some “higher meaning” needs that and afterwards lets You behind – exhausted and far away from what You really are.

Sounds spooky? Yes, it is. But this is the world how we face it today in some environments.
And You are a part of this world.

Love it – change it – or leave it … hopefully, in a far far away future.

Are You ready to get the facts?

The protocol itself is simple to use.

But, You need understanding of what is the matter behind the single steps.
You need to get a feeling where You are currently, what people You interact with, currently understand, expect and act on to get positioning to each other.
Then You can start alignment or department to each other in context of the situation.
People do that all the time. You are able to do, also – that’s for sure.

But You need to understand what is complex, what is complicated and how to gain simplicity.
Difficult? Sure, it is.

You need not learn something different. Everything You learned so far, brought You to exactly this point in here and now. You are already right.
It is only about applying what You are already able to – in the right situation at the right time.

It is work for You to get the point. But this little work will change Your life.
It will make You able to resist exhausting.
It will make You able to identify where Your energy is needed and were it is wasted.

Sounds worth spending some minutes on the train? Or in the hotel lobby where You are flushing away the day with some drinks?
Wherever You are and in whatever condition You are in, from now on it’s up2U.

How can I serve You best?

There are different types of people. They are roughly classified as “learning types”.

Some need it in a brief. Some need just a hook on. Others need to build up “the complete” until they can dive into.

I offer You different approaches to the same. Just depending on what You personally need as fitting best for You.

  • Need it abstract? This way, please …
  • Need it compact with a hook? This way, please …
  • Need success-stories to copy from? This way, please …
  • Need stories from the past that define the future? Right this way
  • Need personal interaction to dive into? Just shop directly here.
  • Need a customized speech or workshop for Your event?
    Do not hesitate to ask. Or shop directly here.
  • You got the point and want to spread the protocol easily?
    Use the Easy Adoption Cards – available here.

/famous last words

“Feel free to make life great!”
“Enjoy, and share if You like”

“Likes” are welcome – comments appreciated.