up2U in a brief

How do You feel, when You know what to do? – cool.
Blue. Patient. Everything under control.

How do You feel, when You face Uncertainty? – a little more excited?
Blood pressure raises? Heartbeat up? How do You look then? Red, don’t You?

That is the beginning. You face a situation with an unknown amount of Uncertainty. Unlimited possibilities.
Find out what it is.

Is it complex?
Is it knowledge someone else can share?
Is there knowledge You can access, once You asked someone to get direction?
Do You need someone other than You to get active for realization?

You will get it out on

/red path

The red path establishes direction.
It is determination of destination.
It is aiming Your target.

  • Accept that there are unlimited possibilities in what You do not know … ∞
  • Establish eye level and act as peers to each other.
    Treat everybody as prospect for a future partnership … <) (>
  • Get all available data accessible by sharing it.
    You need to determine relevance according to creation of a shared vision … ≈
  • Build up the polygonal solution area.
    That shapes the outer limits of Your shared vision.
    In what house the solution lives in? …
  • Now You are able to decide on (initial) scope to aim for … ∆!
    This decision reduces complexity to complicacy, temporarily.
    It is the initial destination to approach.
    Fix some landmarks (success indicators) to check course against.

By fixing a through decision, You get a well-defined area where to strive for solution.

Now, You need to get into action straight away.
The longer You wait, the higher the probability of reality eroding the basement of Your decision.

It’s time to change approach.

/blue path

You need not neccessarily a partnership to find out whether You approach destination. You can measure by success indicators You already defined on red path.

The blue path can be walked the good-old way – doing it on Your own or by asking someone to fulfil.

Now You can test, measure, manage, monitor and report about whether something is there or not.
Now, You are at real 50:50-chances. Success and failure (including defect).

  • Possibilities are limited (even if there are millions of variations)… Σ = n
    You did limitation by deciding for a reduced solution area (∆)
    within the overall scope for the vision ()
  • Focus on what is to do … >O<
    Single tasking!
  • Ask Yourself (or someone else) to provide “something” … ?> <!
    “Something” can be data, items, artefacts, service … whatsoever
  • “!” is the well defined reply.
    No assumptions allowed. Act on data! (exists /not) … >!<
  • Is this fulfilling request correctly? … ! v ?
    If You are testing: success or failure?
  • OK: new status quo … !
    – achieved base for a different situation to proceed from (milestone reached)
    – destination approached successfully
  • NOK: once again …
    • did someone do a mistake? Test failed?
      >> correct by second iteration on the blue path
    • did You missed the target of the (ad)venture?
      To be precise, that is a variant of “OK”, but rarely understood by its nature.
      >> find out what is missing or just different – again on the red path

Indicators of failure

The approach is not correct? Target missed?
There is some uncertainty within?
OK, You messed around on red path.

Wanted to speed it up by hurrying? Now, You got the receipt.
You suffer from loss You produced by not performing at peak in blue.
Back to “Go” and once again.

… until You finally got it.


On red path You assure approach to the aimed destination.
On blue path You generate momentum and speed while heading towards it.
By precise alignment over complete distance You achieve maximum impact.

If You want it fast, go slow!



May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/request for resonance

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