Almost done …

Now, it’s getting serious.
The boring last steps to accomplish success.

Why the f*** it is not done, yet ?!?!

Did You ever experienced external pressure that made You wish to kill somebody or at least smash something in Your environment?

It is hard to keep cool with people that have a bigger mouth than mind.
Even more, if they belief they are in a more powerful position.


The up2U-protocol is about reducing these situations to a minimum.

It is about participation, contribution and integration of the choleric, the narrow-minded and the impatient.

“They” are not that dull as You consider them to be.
“They” just have another perception of time and effort.
And sometimes of the topic overall.

/keep calm, help is in Your reach!

Integration is done on the red path. At this stage of proceedings there should not be any discomfort about speed and results, any more.
“Should not” – but, maybe is.

So, do not waste any time, here.
You “just” need to execute step 8, 9 and 10 to get answer on Your most burning question:

are we successful?

/step 8: focus > o <

This is about focusing on one at time.
It is the most promising solution option You identified in step 7.
No big deal at all.
Just do it!

/step 9: just one request ?> <!

Now it is about limiting any disturbing influence to the absolute minimum.
Just concentrate on the one well-defined request and the corresponding reply.

/step 10: act on data, only! >!<

This is the biggest challenge in this part of the sequence: act only on data!

Take the reply as it is.
Act like a machine
– even in face:2:face communications.

No assumptions, no critics, no stumbled “improvements” allowed at this point.

Anything unclear, subjective, tendentious here will endanger overall result.

Keep calm!

And ask:

What does it mean in relation to Your request of step 9?

  • Well-defined answer? Test would have been “green”.
  • Well-defined answer? Test is “red”. http 404.
  • Well-defined answer? Defect. http 500.
  • Improper/incorrect request?
  • No answer? Timeout.

Illegal or unacceptable answers and other states are handled before or later.

Illegal should not be possible, as long as PSA (Polygonal Solution Area) was defined correctly.
Unacceptable will be handled in the following step (next Blog-post here).

/carry on!

Act on given data.

Every subjective blur of what happens in these steps will open up doors of hell.
You will discuss what should be done differently instead of concentrating to what You already received … Certainty!

If a result does not meet Your expectations, so what?
You got already Certainty to orientate against.

Do not spoil this Certainty by feelings and late delivery of unspoken expectations You instantly detected by “unwanted” results.

Exactly at this stage, You realize a step towards success (even in a “failure”) or you stumble and miss the goal, at all.


Among 100 variants of realization, there are 10 promising ones.

Among 10 promising variants, there is the one that outperforms all other.

Take Your time in eliminating the distracting 90% to assure, the most promising option is still among those possibilities You focus in detail.

Once You have this shortlist of most promising variants, You can probe them one after another – not all together.

And by the way, start with the most promising one 😉
– maybe this is all effort ever needed to solve the issue.
And keep in mind: most promising one is rarely the first that comes to Your mind.

/act like a machine!

You are on the blue path.

Feelings, Intuition and experience are great and make the difference between human beeings and machines. All this is considered and utilized in the up2U-protocol.
It is placed in the pre-defining red path.

Now, it is about probing the possible to show up reality.

It is just tasking down what seem to be the most promising solution.
By concentrating on this for the very moment, the highest effect in efficiency can be achieved.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/invitation to resonante

I would like to ask You for three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all
– You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

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    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.

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