Home straight.
Finish line almost visible.

These are steps 11 and 12 of the up2U-protcol.
Success or failure is determined in exactly these steps.


In the 10 steps before, You faced a situation, found fellows in resolution, made one or more attempts to reach out towards a stable new Status quo.
Now, it is time to determine success and failure.

Does the result meet the definition of success, You gave upfront?

/whatif You did different?

There is no specification to orientate and prove against.
There is no Quality Assurance department approval available.
So, how do I determine whether a task is done in terms of finished?

  • What, if You done correct AND target is achieved partly?
  • What, if You done correct AND target is achieved while satisfaction is missing?
  • What, if You done correct AND all is great?

You did correct in technical terms, if there is no fault in application of the method You chose to realize “the new”.

/partial success

If the current attempt achieved not that exactly the target You once aimed, You might be willing to accept also, because You flinch from making it even worse in another attempt.
Or You accept from pressure felt by imagination of danger.
– esp. running out of time and budget.

/next iteration

You achieved Your pre-defined definition of success, You can measure and proof, but it does not feel like the end should feel like?
This is a strong indicator towards a next iteration on the red path.
There seems to be an error by defining the ESD.

But, it must not be an error.
The solution is just initial.
Now, that You experience the very essential core, You might feel the need for additional functionality.
I.e. not only the body of the vehicle.
A motor, a steering wheel, and brakes would be nice, also …

Accept what You have achieved as new Status quo.
And go further.

/final Status quo

You recognize reach of Your destination, when there is no need to change left.

You are hopefully familiar with the “feeling of done.”
Be careful, it is a feeling.

Your achievement should meet objective measurements, first.
In agile Software Development, this is called the “Definition of Done”.


The Status quo is something, You can feel as well as measure and describe it.

Most conflicts seem to be endless, because none of the involved parties has a clue about.
Not of the causes as well as possible solutions.

By approaching step-by-step, You get better chances to solve any issue.
The up2U-protocol is only one offer to succeed.

/whatch Your pass sheet!

Before You rely on the feeling to be done, make sure You are done by making results measurable.

And please,

Do not mistake peace with the silence after extinction!

Extinction will only postpone real solution into future
– and catalyzes negative impacts.

Extinction is a mortgage on the future self.
– that’s what concept of Karma is all about

In agile Software Development, there is the term of “technical debt”.
These are all the little sins where someone made it work – in a not such perfect manner.

There is a new term arising from that idea.
Organizations take “social debt” in making something happen by force.
Remember, this is a mortgage someone has to pay.
Maybe not You personally, but someone has to.


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.


And many more.


You find a brief overview to the sequence here.

If You want to implement the up2U-approach in Your environment, the EACs (Easy Application Postcards) are a helpful support.

Want to get a deeper understanding? Here You can book.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/invitation to resonante

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– You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

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