When someone takes a trip

In German, we say “when someone does a journey, s/he can experience a lot.”

From my perspective, there is not directly the same meaning in English. Why?
To “do” is open. You can make it consciously or “by accident”.
Taking a journey needs a provider where You can act as consumer against.
Making a journey needs consciousness about what You want to create or produce. But, this is only a warm-up thought …

In this blogspace, I share my thoughts about the up2U-protocol. It is everywhere around us. Every day, several times.
You might not have noticed, yet. Now, if You are able to recognize the pattern, You are able to apply and correct – where correction is needed.

/framing story

My mother is old and suffers from multi-diseases. My father drifts away from peak healthiness the older he gets. So far, so normal.
My brother and his wife got their firstborn the week before. My family and friends of this family are spread widely in Germany and some parts of the world.
But, there are clusters in Northern Germany. Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover. I, myself live in Leipzig which is between 3 and 4 ½ hours travel away. Depending on destination and mobility option You chose.

I decided to go by train. Yes, there are automobiles available to my access. I love cars and bikes as items for themselves.
But, I know the route, I have lots to do and my not-yet-published blog-articles burn in my brain until it melts down.
So, I needed to store out some of it, to make space for work that is important and work that gets more urgent the longer I leave it on the desk.

My parents decided to party outside – in Hannover. That needs a travel for them but could be nearer in reach for me.
Unfortunately, due to cancer reasons, my father felt not coping driving by car alone, anymore. So, he asked and I offered to drive them.
For me, it means 1 ½ h longer travelling to them, picking them up, driving them to the party-location and returning them in the evening. Together with this visiting option at their newborn grandchild.

In the end, I needed to get up 3:30h at Leipzig, catching the train at 5:36h and travelling to Bremen. Returning is planned next day (Sunday) with final show up at home around 21:30/21:45.

For me, this is more or less normal. I am used to it. I am experienced enough to suit and fit my matters to the situation.
For nearly 20 years this is part of my Business life. No big deal. But gets more and more tiring with years of life.

That is the basic settlement.

Now, You can deal with this situation different ways. Let me tell mine.

/up2U in practice

People impose their advice, because they would face serious troubles in aligning and fulfilling all this “conflicting” requests and options.

For me, it is not a problem. So, I hear what they offer and decide for myself about relevance.
Maybe they bring out an aspect I can use to improve dealing with the situation. For myself.

This time, there was nothing. As I wrote, I am experienced. Stupid.

So, I could focus on probing the up2U-protocol against reality to get some inspiration how to share the basic idea with the world.


I was so tired the evening before, I did not prepare the complete ticket at http://bahn.de (I would have local transport included once I ordered the ticket personalized).

So, I was right in time at tram station, mentally ready to take a Taxi as alternative.
The ticket machine was rebooting (shortly after 5:00 in the morning, loading basic modules indicated on screen. Please wait …)
Tram is arriving. I had only bills no coins at hand. Bills were accepted outside, inside only coins. Stupid.

I needed one short-distance ticket to the main station and asked whether someone can change. No one was able or willing to change a 5€ bill. Stupid.
But, act on data! I proceeded and finally, I found a young woman that was willing to look at her wallet. She got not enough change, but offered to take me on her ticket.
I thanked her, travelled the reaming three stops sitting next to her and left at main station.

I was legal compliant (in my mind) and we shared some warm minutes of feeling being helped and being helpful. We were humans at our best.

Train steward

The train operated without catering – not the first time. You cannot count on catering on these trains. Sad, but true.
For me, it was only a partly problem. I know the route and intended to pick up some snack at Hannover central.

You know, main stations in German largest cities are shopping malls with train connection. Hannover first, Leipzig, Bremen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin … second.
So, I was calm as we arrived in Hannover 4 minutes before schedule. I had a 25 minutes break there to shop for breakfast. I love this connection.
Maybe, also because it was my breakpoint travelling from Osnabrück to Leipzig in the early three years of the relationship to the mother of my kids.

I saw the steward standing next to a closed door of the train. I wondered about and asked her whether I should get her a coffee also.
She thanked and replied, her colleague is recently fetching up his. Afterwards she will go for her.

Sandwich booth

Down at the food court beneath stairs up to tracks, I headed to were my favorite sandwich maker “freshbags” … … … – was?
I was irritated. I tried to remember, were it was and did by recognizing the booths around. And yes, coordinates were correct, result was not.
There was another sandwich maker. Successful from first sight. Long queue. Promising, but too risky for me in the moment.
So, I orientated around and headed to the booth next to them.

They had the full range offer for everybody. Vegan, vegetarian, omnivore.
I chose from the tag plates near the wraps and sandwiches showing names and indicating ingredients. I ordered.

As I ordered and while it was prepared, the train steward joined and order her coffee.

I asked the waiter whether they are responsible for my side of the counter. (I have data!)
He said, “unfortunately not”, “I know it is gluey there, but we cannot help it. It is responsibility of the station management. We already informed them and requested cleaning yesterday night as we noticed at closing time.” Well, You can do differently …
But, I needed to return to the train on time and so I left it on that customer notice.

The steward and me returned to the train. I hopped on. 9 minutes before departure.

I still miss freshbags.

/the red and the blue

Making up mind about requests, goals, possibilities and some other areas of initial uncertainty is the red part. This must come first.
If You have the situation stabilized and fixed to a scope, according to a shared vision, You enter the blue path.
There You fire the good old Q&A-action pattern. As long as some (smaller) glances of uncertainty occur. Then you take a (shorter) loop on the red path.

/famous last words

Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger – remember the “Columbus error” that brought the US to the rest of the world.
In the end, there is no end. 😉

In this moment, I write this, two girls sitting opposite to me talking about Yoga and meditation – and a place of “pleasant atmosphere”.
They do not look “typical” for people talking about Yoga and atmosphere. Nice!

“Enjoy, and share if You like.”
“Feel free to make life great!”

“Likes” are welcome. Comments are appreciated.

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