What happened

At a client, there was a Culture Hackspace Meeting where the new Innovations Plattform was presented to the company public.

A collegue and me interpreted the situation differently.

My collegue saw a “status report” in it. And therefore, he was really annoyed about my repeatedly questions to request resonance of the audience.
The speaker did not Position himself, because he was concentrated on his content topics.

I, myself was a little better informed about intentions of the speaker than the rest of the audience. I was host of the meeting slot and the speaker requested this slot to “present” his topic.
I acted like it was an open share of data, thoughts and positions to identify links to establish and extend the platform to what it could be.

By these different expectations on the same situation, we both fired totally different action patterns that are not compatible to each other.
We got in conflict, both with the best intentions and the deep belief to be right.

You can start world wars from this attitude …
Hopefully, we are civilzed enough and did not fought against each other.

So, I searched for a way to express and explain the happend (first to me, then to him).
I noticed, that the situation is quite common, that there are well established strategies between adult people and after several iterations of thinking, writing and visualising,
I defined an universal sequence approach to handle both, the complex and the complicated situations.

That is nothing more or less than a universal framework, You can add everything to and use within. It defines only the sequence You can follow to get the clear and crisp clarity out of the Uncertainty You face every day.

And here You go

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