Evolutionary Response

You never know how somenone reacts on an impact. Personally, You can prepare Yourself by understanding what is possible and how You will response to a response. That is a lot to do and many people need more than their lifetime to accomplish.

/terms and conditions

The following terms reflect my understanding of words in conditions of described contexts.
You are free to skip this section, if You belief to share my understanding. But, even if You read the words published by me several times, it is a complex world we are living in. I am not free of insighting influences, too.

I made same adjustments to improve precision in expression. I hope, it will be worth to read from Your side. Hopefull, it will add some value to Your understanding of the world surrounding You.


Complication is perceived, when a result is achieved, basing on a multistep activity in a stable, single environment context.
Complication is understandable and convincing forwards and backwards – in an inductive as well as a deductive direction.
Understanding of complicacy needs just investment into knowledge about every single step to result.

In the end, understanding of something complicated is about complete knowledge about all of its parts – any time.


Complexity is what is perceived as a result of impacting influences in the very moment.
Context cannot be stabilized and is valid only as singularity within time and space.

As time goes by, change happens. This change originates in environment as well as from context defining components which are people as well as machine and natural ecosystems.
Results of complexity are impossible to predicted in advanced and only understood from perception – in a deductive manner.

Complexity can be transformed into complicacy if it is possible to stabilize context’s environment from being influenced by external impacts – like in a lab or testing environment.


A process describes a repeatable approach under stabilized environment conditions.
A process can contain human interaction if it is assured, people act within a role rather than as a person.

Repeating activities, performed from the ever same roles in a ever same manner are worth for automation.
“One off”-activities should not be automated from effort-worthiness aspect.


A progress describes shifting of an identifyable identity like a person from one stage of ability to another.
Regress is the backward direction.


A context is a mesh of impacts to the very moment. Sometimes contexts are perceived as fabric. Fabric made from thread is stable in shape but flexible reacting on movements impacting from within and outside.

While fabric is existing, it is aging according to its properties resonating with impacts from energy and matter like sunshine and rubbing. Fabric tears while it is worn.


Main is where mosts are. In a stream this is often hard to tell. Additionally, You need the not-main to determine mainstream – like outlaw-bikers need bikers acting according to law to distinguish themselves from them.


What results from activity and inactivity is outcome of an action. However You judge an outcome or its missing, it is the way how it is done which shapes culture as a result of human activity in opposition to natural happening.

Principles of ecosystems are all the same. It makes no difference if You watch nature in terms of plants or a production plant in terms of productivity.
If You implement an (w)holistic approach to sustainable systems, it is a good advice to glance over on topics dealing with permaculture.


There are moments in life, You are limited by Your success. The more successful You were and are, the higher the Ego-Barrier is. Success makes lonely. World is full of examples, where indivuals performing great, break on their success and sometime die from it. Popular age for this is 27.

Once You accepted to be limited as a person, You can reach out to accomplish Your inabilities. This is, where organisms are formed or cells die.

/where is the InCrowd?

People are impacting all the time while coexisting takes place. What differs is the way some act and others react. When You watch from a distance and when there is enough data to recognize a pattern, You are able to tell a dominating attitude. This attitude can also be viewed as ‘mainstream culture’. The mainstream is sometimes leading and always guiding the attitude of the crowd. Sometimes, change takes place. There are some who think different, do different and influence their surrounding environment by that. Those who do different could be the leading edge (“Avantgarde”) or the doomed rest – depends on the attitude of the main-crowd, not on the self-assessment of each group.

After about thirty years of reflection, I noticed similarities. I was lucky enough to be interested in various topics, switched and changed context so often, that I recognized a very essence in all that for myself. In terms of people organizing each other, I called this pattern OMG stages, earlier.

I slightly rearranged the image, recently. By this, I recognized some evolutionary stages of life as it is tought in secular schools.

evolutionary stages

In the beginning (1) there is just affecting force. Then there is activity within a protected space like acting as a reptile (2). You start in an egg, protected by the shell and proceed carrying Your outer protection or stay where it is like in a fortress. You can match this to the idea of a turtle, if You like. Once, You leave the fortress and climb on a hill. The ape on top rules the crowd – silverback (3). Next step is grouping around an issue. Sometimes it is giving birth, sometimes it is hunting. You act like a school of marine mammals (4). You hopefully know this behavior from Your own family. At the end of the evolution, there is everything connected with each other and You are able to see. Because of the ability from tools, mankind (5) is able to enter every sphere in the world directly, instead of being effected in-directly.

This results in some fundamental, collateral results. You personally can view Yourself as whatever You like. It is the crowd You join, and the other crowds existing in relation to it, which shape what You are in perception of the outside world. Additionally, in evolution, mainstream matters. It is safe to swim in the middle of the swarm. It is a risk to go to the edges. It is insecure, unpredictable and very lonely there – not everybodies’ cup of tea.
So, do not damn somebody about his or her action following an attitude – perceive as just what it is and understand what it means.

If I get new to an environment, I scan. I scan for the InCrowd, the leaders, the followers and I work on my picture of the dominating and the leading culture, first. Topic is the initiating reason and my door-openener from outside surface. Topic is the reason for activity – but, first things first. Topics are heavily impacted by the environmental context.
There is no absolute, abstracted truth. Truth is always a shade of grey.

Truth is in between,
not necessarily in the middle

– M. Recksieck

Once I got my image of what is, I reflect to my imagination of what should be. Difference between is resulting in some action items.
Hold on, for a second!
Only, because You see the need to correct presence to fit imagined future does not result in everybody else seeing this need, instantly!
Now, something happens which annoys all those impulsive people. You need to influence Your environment into the direction You identified as necessary. Response of Your environment will increase Your impact or weaken it. Sometimes it will redirect the impulse. In the end, there is not exactly what You imagined, but what is a resonance to Your expression of Your imagination. It is transformed several times until perceived on the other side of the message.

First, Your imagination is understood by Yourself. You express what You mean to reflect Your understanding. Expression is perceived by others (hopefully) and interpreted according to their understanding. It is unlikely that they reproduce exactly what You imagined. So, do not expect initially, please!

The more precise Your imagination is brought to the world, the better it is understood AND the more need of the surrounding environment it will address, the more impact it will have. It is a complex thing. Everything, I listed, needs to be there at the very moment to make this moment the right moment.

Change of a production line is a complicated thing.
Change of a culture is a complex thing.

Some people think, change just happens. That is not true. Everybody who is impacted by activities originating from others, is part of the cultural reflection of these actions. Your inactivity is also a resonance as Your activity or Your redirection is.

collected data, visualized as information, related to gain knowledge, results in wisdom – hopefully

However someone reacts, it is formation of culture.
Culture is shaped from relationships and the way HOW people interact.

There is the possibility not to notice at all. Most of data around us is not even ignored. It does not even reach our consciousness.
But when something is reaching our consciousness, it must pass another filter-instance, I call “interpreter”. An interpreter is a component of Your belief system. The sum of Your interpreters is the ruleset of Your belief system. Interpreters can found on dogmas, instructions and experiences. Experience-based interpreters are the strongest, followed by dogmas. You experience first. Depending on Your environment it might be explained by dogmas or founded on instructions. Dogmas address scarce in ability to explain. Instructions should assure predictable habits.

From this implemented interpreters, decision to act is processed. Basically, there are three conscious activities.

  • ignore
  • like
  • implement

Ignoration is consciously not reacting on something. It can be easily mixed up with not noticing. Do not care about the difference, it does not matter at all.

Likeliness is important, but something different from equality. As a “Like”, You estimate something suiting in relation to Your current state of mind.
The sum of “Likes” makes the crowd.

The most powerful reaction to an impact is its implementation into the own behavior. Slightest variant is showing active response and explain what impact another person’s activity has or had on You.

This vehicle makes an impression. It leaves deep impact wherever it is sighted:

expression of a very special personality

The most strongest impact is, when others implement behavior into their own.
It takes impression, understanding, belief in some benefit, ability to perfom and wish to improve by that.
It seems to be very unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, it happens instantly once people are convinced.

Even more, children do this all the time until they are filled up with their first set of interpreters. Then they begin to prove this interpreters by reflection to their own personality changing currently. We call this time in the lifecycle of human beings puberty and it is the first deep impression of heavyweight complexity. The adolescent struggles, finding his way between what is and what should be while requirements, dates and facts change immediately and constantly. You cannot count on yesterday’s truth.

After some heavy irritations and several experiences of success and failure, personality got another shape.
Some belief, it is its final state. Others know better.

/identity could be shaped

Jurgen Apello gifted the agile community with the imagination of the shape shifter.
I extended this picture to my understanding as the essence of agility.

Agility is the ability of shifting shape while keeping identity.

Do not focus only on one, while You impact the whole.
Focus is only a state between openness.

If You are at the end of the evolutionary transformation, You can act according to the whole while You interact in focus.
If You are at the beginning, You do not know about differences.

The time between is called eduction, time of learning or transformational journey – depends on who You ask and when.

/You are not alone

People are suited by garment of social fabric and some items around.

  • What, if You express something?
  • What, if You are impressed of something?
  • What, if You name what impresses You while other express something which impresses Your expression?

/hen or egg?

Change in people’s core behavior is unlikely to happen and comes instantly, once someone understood change as personal improvement resulting in a benefit outbeating invested effort.
You can witness behavior according to the context or change in behavior changing the context.

Personal transformation as well as organizational transformation follows patterns, already recognized in biological evolution.
The repetition of these patterns is the fractal – not fragmented! – shape of the world.

If You know the simple algorithm resulting in uncountable instances, You are able to identify stages and act accordingly.
This is more than You need to deal with conflicts. You can safe energy and direct it where impact is higher and results worthier.
You can join forces to progress to next step on the evolutionary ladder of Your surrounding culture.

Every creation, whether it is a product or a creature follows a superior lifecycle-pattern. This pattern can be gone through in less than a minute or countless generations we call “ages” from backsight.
Let me show this by the lifecycle of an idea.

  1. You’re struck by enlightment. You got an inspiration strong enough to follow and incorporate it into Your view to the world.
  2. You cultivate the idea in a protected space with high ambitions and low impact – like a lab, Your home or an incubator space.
  3. You finally found a hammer, You now apply to everything You call a nail. Your idea scales. Now, You are in the position to experience what I call the Ego-Barrier.
  4. As You perceive limits of outer reach, You concentrate on the essence, the core of what You sighted. Difference to stage 2 is: now without protecting shell around, but internal structure to support impact of outer structure.
  5. You release Your well-shaped idea like a drop of water to the sea shaped form uncountable other ideas.

Your drop of water will later be part of the surface of a still pond near to Your home or part of a wave following a deep sea tsunami which wipes out any remains of civilization at a specific part of the world while extincting countless lifes – not only human bodies count.

From my sight, it is always the same pattern: a cycling move.
Difference comes from amplitude and frequency which makes matter swing and energy flowing.

/it’s all so simple in complexity

Treat people as a resonance of Yours and know where nuances make the difference.

How people react, tells more about them than about You.
And if You cannot recognize Your image from resonance, You need to re-express Your imagination or change the surface area You want to resonate on.

It’s up2U.


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.

/inspirators (chronological)

People listed below, had an impact on my view to the world in the moment, I wrote all this.
Please, do not mistake influences by weighing them or order by importance or date. Eye-level!
All these people were relevant to my insights, following inspirations from interacting with these people, perceiving them as an individual performing in a role-context, I personally joined performing a role, too.
Insights arose from their activities meeting my expectations, missing them and deliver in a different shape.
They shaped the impact-sphere which resulted in this article.
If one inspiration wouldn’t have taken place, result would be different. Not better, not worse, just different.

Impact-sphere of this current “look of thoughts” was knitted from mixed garments of experiences from roles, I personally performed while time continued.
Sometimes I was spectator, sometimes reader, sometimes writer, sometimes I was dialog partner, sometimes I was inspirator myself, sometimes I was a coach sharing insights to move by inspiration and understanding, sometimes I was instructor correcting actions to improve impact.

All this activities were resonances on each other, shaping my view of the world. It is my personal view which I offer for implementation into other people’s interpreters which shape their belief systems.
This contains explicitely images and graphics, I created completely by myself and therefore I am able to share under CC BY 4.0 license.
Note: the “data to wisdom”-picture is my personal redraw of David White’s publication from 2014, referenced below. He cannot name exact source, either – common knowledge?

In the end, we are all only resonating matter to some very basic principles shaping world’s face as reality around us.

Shine on and spread the light.

/additional sources



May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

Life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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