Getting in Tune

Wham! That hits home. Advantage on her side.

She said: “If I want to know how to work with each other in ten years, I refer to You. If I want to know what to do now, I refer to him.”


Understanding is mediated via language. Shared understanding of words prepares ground for a solid construction.
Here we go …


What You perceive as result of an impact is called an effect. To be visible or even perceptible, it needs matter to get in resonance. Otherwise it would be pure energy travelling through outer space.


Preparing for the right moment, where impulsing impact creates effect.
Often it takes time for the receiving system to process impact before effect shows up.

/sweet spot

The moment were effort shows excessing effect is often called “sweet spot” in sports.
In Business terms it is a “Break Even”.
This is where momentum comes up and traction could be feeled.
It seems to be instant reaction.
In fact, it needs tremendous effort to prepare for these moments.

/in tune

The moment where effects harmonize with everything around is where it feels like being in tune.
Music is the most recognizable effect of tune and discord. The phenomenon could be recognized in every other aspect in our world.

/the stage

A few weeks ago, I wrote: “if he had asked ten years ago, he would have been late.” (in German). I am totally serious about what I wrote there. I left this kind of engagements behind, because once there was no reasonable demand reaching me, anymore.

Today, I am engaged with things, I believed were already in place, 10 to 15 years ago. I could not imagine those days operating would be successful without these measures. What I totally missed was my cognition bias.
I was quite near to the center. I was operating behind the scenes where some advanced technical developments were set on their way.
My job was communicating these technologies to partners to enable them serving their business customers.

Today, I am still working “behind the scenes” – now at B2B customer’s side. It is still Business, but from another perspective. It is more user-related than vendor-related point of view.
To be a little more precise: I now watch from “internal provider’s” perspective. I am still not returned to where the Business user does everyday work – I started my journey into Business from there, back in the mid-80ies.

One half of my activities deals with IT-security – that ISO27001 and GDPR-stuff.
A few days ago, I had a call with a mathematician. He works for a Swiss financial company, he said. We contacted, because we both agreed via twitter Direct Message, that all this GDPR-diclaimer hysteria could be normalized the same way as it was done some years ago with Creative Commons license. I told him, I was already involved in conception of such kind of modulized privacy policy management system. That was roughly seven years ago. The software is still alive and kicking. Four years ago, I developed a generic algorithm how to handle deletion of stored data. As I could noticed one year ago, this approach is still the blueprint for GDPR-deletion policy implemenmtations at this particular corporation.
He attested, this company seems to be rather advanced in handling private data.
Well, it is the everyday work environment, I deal with.

The other “half” of my activities deals with people working together. The most introduced term for this is “Organizational Development”.
This is helpful, but not quite my perspective to the topic.
I like to call it “Co-Effecting”. From my understanding it has to do with people getting in tune with each other via a topic. Once, these people got in swing, massive effects evolve from this.

Great, if You witness.
Greater, if You are part of it.
Greatest, if we all benefit from it.

I witnessed this greatness several times. Sometimes I enable this by creating suitable conditions. Sometimes I was forced to fail by people who did not understood the approach and never experienced what will happen after a hard time.

By the years and countless situations, I identified a pattern. I codified a sequence how to get “from red to blue and back again.” I called it the “up2U-protocol”.
Clients, contracting me, will get directly in touch with it.

She responded half a year later. There were several layers we resonate on great. But, up2U-protocol wasn’t hers for all this time.
Now she is at the point, where new approaches, tools and some results on the way to an agile organization come together. Structures get noticeable as repeating activity-patterns. Company’s style gets noticeable, culture is slightly changing – to the better – while results evolve on an everyday basis.

Now, she noticed the pattern:
There is a time to find out (red path) and the time to work out (blue path).

She reported, people get always irritated about her. They think, she is a dreamer. Somebody who talks around, around and around. Then these people get heavily irritated, when she acts straight ahead, directly and to the point.

Whoosh!! And away …

This is exactly what the up2U-protocol defines.
First, <WE> get around and explore the terrain. Then <WE> decide to make a drill where it seems to be most profitable at all. Then we intense our strike until we are at <home base>.

Well, home base is not a physical position. It is the moment where there is no need to change, anymore. There is a point – usually after less than five, often less than three iterations – where every effort in change-work will not benefit in reasonable profit, anymore.

Everything will be OK in the end.
If it is not OK, it is not the end.

from Great Exotic Marigold Hotel

She uses a communication pattern which speaks to me.
It is what I expect and where I react to.

We do rarely agree. Often we argue. Sometimes she inspires me, sometimes I do to her.
We practice, what Lyssa Adkins once called “constructive disagreement”.
We are fully aware of or differences resulting from our diversity.

And, we are also fully aware of the common ground we share by our mutual understanding.
We co-create from our shared and common understanding which resulted from our mutual understanding in the beginning.
From this we create and generate greatness beyond our #EgoBarriers.

We once took our time to get known. Now, we safe time in our interactions.
By getting in tune to each other, we offer ourself the ability to co-effect.

How could You imagine?
Sometimes she’s annoyed by the volume of impulse I give to her.
Sometimes I am concerned about quietness from her side.
In the end, we need only a few lines of text to get in tune again.
Re-synchronization between us needs a few seconds and rarely more then five words.
It took several 10h-days of intensive 1:1-interaction to get to this point.

This is, how I experience great work relationships whith tremendous impact.
And this is, what I decided to share with the world.


I might be a “victim” of my parental, schoolish and University education. I might also suffer from what I learned is called the Dunning-Kruger-Effect (I got it from here – AT-DE).

What makes my point of view so different?
I notice my lessons to learn. I always claim resonance. I request authentic feedback instead of lightweight “Likes”.
I take learning tasks for serious and solve them. In effect I am often of a specific Uncertainty about whether I know too good or not at all. I need positioning via others to find my position in the world.

In the beginning, everything seems easy, because You do not know about all the details. In the end, You do not care about details, any more. There is this Certainty about the things You see. You instantly know what is of importance and ignore the rest.
This is very relieving and could get very dangerous.

Where is the real difference?
What people call wisdom is the ability to tell what counts in any given situation.
You need to stay curious about the situation and solid in Your practices to deal with it.

Are You a wise guy in any situation?


It is not enough to be sure as a person. You need to achieve Certainty about each other.

  • What, if You know where You stand?
  • What, if “they” know where they are?
  • What, if You all have no idea about Your immanent relation to each other?

/You do not know!

In the old days, there were some people who were able to tell for themselves and give advice to others.
They were familiar with common situations, life will bring out to any person.

Today, it is different. Contexts are not that stable and continuous, anymore.
Its not about war and death in a civilized world. But, it is about surviving, surrender and sacrifice.
And it is much more often than in the old days.
Dominions rise and fall throughout decades, lifetimes and ages. The frame stayed stable for generations.
Today, we can witness rise and fall of technologies, corporations and sometimes states within human lifespans.

I experienced that within projects of about three years lifecycles – often shorter.
And so, I came to some conclusions. I recognized parallels in relation to the big movements in society, the layer in between represented by organizations and the very narrow spheres represented by organizational units, technologies and their resulting in products.

From these patterns, I abstracted the timely sequence and the communication patterns to act properly in any given phase of interaction.
The result, which I call the up2U-protocol, is nothing but the thread between what needs to be done and what is done.
It is about facts shaping reality, imagination which shapes future reality and the relation in between.

And what is the difference in opposite all the other models, approaches and philosophies already available?
I do accept my personal limitation as a human being. I also accept all other’s limits.
I appreciate any personal view and utilize the diversity of any other human being to leverage my personal limitation.

The up2U protocol pays tribute to the fact, that nowadays nobody could know in complete what is needed to succeed in a knowledge worker role model.

Proportion of knowledge stored in head and needed to do a job

Does it mean, You do not need to know, anymore?
Or does it mean, You cannot know from the sheer amount of knowledge available?
There is an abstract to the referred longitude study published in 2010 (8y ago!).
It could be found here.

What could You learn from this?
Nowadays, it is impossible to work everything out by Yourself. The only way to keep up today’s speed in the world is co-operating with others. They will extend Your knowledge in the very moment. To achieve this, You need to co-create a space of trust where everybody who is involved could participate in evolvement of issues and contribute with a personal view to it.

By participating in identification of the unknown terrain, by sharing knowledge to gain the whole, by contributing with Your personality, the group of diverse equals will share not only space and time. They share understanding to decide from what they identified being the core of the topic in this particular and unique situation.

In a shared context which is quite or heavy differing from everything You did know before, as a group of diverse people, You eliminate more probabilities to fail than any single person – in case You are able to identify common ground from all Your different aspect angles.
The essence of this approach is like a triangulation of the core from various mental positions.

Don’t we have this already?
What is about all this boards and communities of practice we have already established in organizations?
Well, the problem are HIPPOs – the Opinions of the Highest Paid Person and the inability to disagree against it.
What is about all these authorities, deeply involved, who surpress the fresh new view to the field?
The difference lies within the communication patterns I located in the red and in the blue path.

Most of the communication in boards and communities is verifying knowledge already existing.
Yes/No is the expected answer to most of these closed questions – blue path.
The communication on the red path is about shared understanding to achieve. This is something, nobody has in the beginning of the moment, once You enter the situation.
Exception could be a situation which is well known, personally and in groups where given rules are known and accepted like in stabilized production environments, regulated games or mature markets.

The number of people who experience this is continuously declining.
The amount of time each of us spends in such stabilized contexts is declining, also.

When You are in situations where You have to create something new from some fragments known and everything else imagined, guessed or supposed to be, You need to act different.

And, for those, who are not totally familiar with these situations, I created a handrail – a sequence to follow.

This handrail will help You encountering Uncertainty – safe from harm and quick in results.

/Why do I matter?

A “WE!” is always constructed from a bunch of “I”.

Your knowledge defines Your view to the world.
Your knowledge is limited.
This limitation is exactly what makes You a valuable member in any evolving development.

Share Your view to enable others.
Enable them walking in Your shoes.
Dare to walk in their shoes.

Sharing enriches!


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.


This time closed to protect privacy.

/additional sources


The feature photo, “Butterfly in Tune” is marked as licensed by CC BY-NC-SA


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

Life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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