Protocols are stronger than values!

You have a strong belief in values? You have an attitude that is based on this values?
You believe in human rights? You believe that war is murder? You share agile values in Your environment?

That’s what I do. And I always wondered, why I deeply know (more than believing) to be right and the “other” still exists.
Going one step further: when I interact with “the other”, I often feel to lose.
How can I lose in doing right?

Cognitive dissonance!

There is this deep irritation about what I am doing and some others do in a shared context.
They do wrong – I can proof – but they succeed and I feel foolish. I did not get that point until yesterday.


There are so many prominent examples around us. I will list a few to demonstrate.

US presidents


I wondered since Bill Clinton was preceded, why it could happen that someone gets president of a country without getting the most votes.
That conflicts deeply with my convictions about democracy.

First, I explained it to me historically (Your community votes, delegates one lonesome rider to make the journey to <Washington, D.C.> and there, the messenger declares the vote of Your community. But, from my understanding of that system, it is different. It is not “messaging”, it is representing. Therefore, the rider is legitimated to vote upon it’s personal opinion. This vote represents the electoral district.
Like we legislate in Germany (after elections!).

Cold war, splitted Germany, Japan

Another impressive situation was the division of Germany.
More or less like the still ongoing division in Korea. It is a situation that You cannot value high enough.

800px-structure_of_berlin_wall-svgWhy that? Humans are suffering!
Which ones are suffering depends on Your perspective of the wall. From my perspective, people inside walls suffer. The people inside might view it more like a greater castle – just like in former times. It depends … as the jurist say.

Remember Japan, someone (Tokugawa Shogun) decided to lock up the complete country – including language, culture, tradition and habits – at all!

The complete system was encapsulated until the US blew it away and ended the Edo period by showing up with steam boats and Gatling guns.
Remember “Last Samurai“?


China, Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq/Kurdistan, Ukraine, Syria – do You recognize the “climax”?

The somehow artificial division in two areas (territories), systems, cultures was or will be reunited to what is one by protocol, i.e. common language that helps in understanding of the surrounding environment.

The “same kind” could be also expressed by a common foreign-language (like French in the past or English today).
Or habits that express a shared perspective to the world (like warships we call “crusades”).

This is, why the United Kingdom works of its kind, the Commonwealth more or less and the European Union will survive Brexit, Orban and Erdogan.
This is why the Islamic State could arise and will collapse without access to financial resources. It is built on suppression by terror – not on integration by protocol.

As long there are interests in exchange something (i.e. to gain money or access resources like knowledge), there is no need to worry about people.
Concentrate of what is really important! Concentrate on what You do!!

Westerwelle visiting Saudi Arabia

And now, something completely different.

Years ago, I wondered how Guido Westerwelle (R.I.P.) could visit Saudi Arabia with his husband and without being sentenced to death.


The answer: they were not visiting as a couple, they were representatives in a mission of foreign affairs. Protocol. Stupid.


Do not mess around with people’s beliefs, if You want to gain control on a small territory in Bay of the Hudson river – blue path.
You do not need to share oral language to exchange goods – blue path.

But, You need to establish protocols (a system) to establish nations that are able to serve and home diversity.
Sometimes, the double timed blowing away of at least one continent is needed to gain that insight – to succeed in third iteration.

The younger a nation is, the less failed attempts they had in their history.
Let them make their experiences – even if humans suffer. That’s how evolution works.
The system will rebalance – for sure – by protocols and contracts.


Use the up2U-protocol to determine (personally or as a group) about the situation, You are in.

If You are on the blue path, You can deal with assholes.
Your values and beliefs do not need to correspond. You just exchange items of necessaryliy non-corresponding (!!) interest and split up after that transaction. Business – stupid.

That is one (main?) reason, why “enemies” can co-operate situational.
That can last a Business-life long and is called “the job” or “the company”.

That can work all fine, since everything is well-defined and nothing fundamental changes.

But, if You are on the red path, You need to partner with people. You need each other to realize a shared vision.
Visons are strong, facts are stronger. You need the power of shared beliefs to move mountains.
(“Yes, we can.”, “Ja, wir schaffen das!”)

You need to love together and hate together for fighting together.
That’s what some people call the “Fighting Spirit”.

Therefore, You are careful in choosing Your beloved!
You need to rely on them to realize a vision.
Until the vision is fact, You are vulnerable. 😉


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.



Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!


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