Peace empowers!

At a client, there is a culture of peace and equality widely established. It is fun and happiness most of the time. Co-operation onย  eye-level is the standard.
The other side of the medal is lacking diversity.


As far as I could experience, they all accept each other on eye-level.
They are aware of their differences and use them to their advantage to perform as a group.

Conflicts with the “new”

In times of “business as usual”, everything is fine.

But, they are successful in what they are doing and their uncompromised will to fulfil commitment gets them new customers all the time.
And “new” is different in the business they are doing. Conflicts arise from this difference.
Some recognize early, others ignore as long as they can.
Both are well-proved human action patterns in struggle to survive. Each at its time …

Conflicts arise when people that recognize differences need to co-operate with others that decided for themselves to apply to the persistence-action-pattern.
Both are “right” from their perspective. They found good reasons for themselves to apply that pattern. What they did not take into account is that there is a deviation in time, when to apply the one and the other.

They are in conflict about the same thing, but missed the timing.
They are not aware of what the ancient Greeks expressed in the different divinities of Khronos and Kairos.

Those, who recognized the difference follow Kairos. Those who ignore, argument that they have not the time for doing differently.
Sounds familiar?

Peace by understanding

Once, people at the client got in touch with the up2U-protocol, they suddenly realized that they are both right at different stages of project’s proceedings.

The former opponents realized, that they are each talking about one side of a coin.
“Red” is head, “blue” is tails. ๐Ÿ˜‰

They instantly agreed about who is “Mr. red” and who is “Mr. blue”.
They got a well definable point offered for handover: after finalizing scope, before iterating the execution โ€“ the skid from top red to bottom blue.

Empowerment by concentration

Now they act as one “heart and soul” within the projects. They spend all their energy performing best. Each in his “own” section within proceedings.

A Little spooky to experience, it launched a level of greatness in co-operation, I personally rarely witnessed but always long to.
All achieved by spending some time on communication of the up2U-protocol.

It is definitely worth every second, we invest on achieving this state.

/famous last words

You are hearty welcome to try it Yourself.
You can read every bit of data, I shared with the world in this blog-site.

You can also get the postcards, I use to intensify the protocol at client’s site.
You can directly request them here.

And You can personally improve world’s energy allocation by applying the protocol within Your private and work-environment.
Do not hesitate. You can only win and never lose, once You started applying.

So, “enjoy, and share if You like. Feel free to make Your life great!”

“Likes” are welcome. Comments are appreciated.

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