Share Your thoughts, please!

One of the very last steps in the up2U-protocol-sequence is “Act on Data!” (“>!<“). Next step is to determine, whether these data is satisfying or not – OK/NOK (“? v !”).
Depending on the answer, next status quo is set (“!”).

Or blue path is proven to run in correct limits, but did not produce acceptable results, now. Someone did a mistake by faulty application.
So, once again on the blue path – with the same limiting parameters.


When You begin acting on the new status quo, there is a situation that includes specific amounts of blue and some amount of red, You are not able to name until You walked through the red path.
So, it is helpful to state what is given (“the blue”) to step beyond and enter the red path.

/the blue

I accept given blog-statistics incl. followers and likes as the new status quo.

I am quite satisfied with my blogging so far.
I do blogging primarily for myself.
I call it my “medium for therapy”.
There are lots of experiences from co-working-interactions, I personally value worth a share.

Some other situations, sometimes with a significant amount of conflict, I want to reflect and understand to do better next time.

From all this, I collect content for my two blog sites.

  • – on “how to proceed on human interaction in general?”
  • – about “how to structure co-operations best?”

In the meanwhile, there are some followers attracted by this.
All You followers out there, I never met personally or even physically.
You guys are spread all over the world. This is, what I can see by statistics in WP.
That is the main reason, why I switched Blog-language from German to English at and always blog in English here– just to extend reach.

All this worked fine so far. This is the blue part of the situation.

/the red

The red path contains also of some – but different! – steps to approach where to act on.


First, we have to accept unlimited possibilities.
I can deal with that. I am used to. Check!

What is about You? Are You ready to participate beyond sheer consummation?

/<) – (>

Then, Eye-level has to be established.

Now, it is getting a little tricky – I cannot see You and You cannot see me.
We have to do it metaphorical.

What “eye-level” means is, that there is no hierarchy and therefore no difference in worthiness of Your thoughts and mine.
Sometimes, that is hard to accept, because some readers respect authors in a form of aspiration.
This pattern is very common and nothing I aim for. Therefore, I worth it a mention.

I need You equally to me!


Next step is sharing data.

This one is very hard to perform for people who are socialized in contexts of huge company structures like those of Fortune 500.
In these structures, Goddess of efficiency is serviced to.
Every extra word is one too much.

But, we are not there. We are on the red path.
If You hide a thought, it will shape the vision and all possibilities of contributing to this vision – by omission.

What we do not got to notice cannot be part of the vision and therefore not consciously approached.
If that comes to reality although, it is by random or accident or by correction based on lacking of something until perfection.

So, do not hesitate to share data with all of us.

In context of my blogging activity:

  • I need Your thoughts!
  • I want Your true opinion!
  • Inspire me and us by Your experiences!

Using “comment”-functionality is one possibility where all future readers will benefit of.
You can also contact me directly (also via twitter and even as DirectMessage: @cmdsdude).


From all these shared data, the vision scope will be shaped.

Once, I was asked,
“why You will not communicate the vision first and align data to it afterwards?” (Tayloristic mindset)

Argument for this question: this will be more efficient.
Argument against: we are about to find our direction on red path – not following mine!

Hurrying will brake us out, over all.

But, what is this “vision”?

The vision is an image of a desirable future state which is so attractive, that people will contribute to make it become real.

The vision can be something quite simple like a “cooperative approach on product range”.

For Your imagination, the long version here:
“We accept as a fact, that we are not almighty. We are not superior in knowledge. We personally face only a limited aspect on the things.
Therefore, we want our product assortment decided on partnership between vendors, suppliers, sales companies and customers.”

It can be less handy – much more diffuse.

In my personal case, it is:

  • data: “I know, the up2U-protocol is capable of reducing efforts and direct actions towards fulfilment.”
  • data: “I experienced how communication of the protocol and following its sequence is smoothing interaction and converts cooperation from pain to joy.”
  • data: “I am not God. I am aware of my personal subjectivity and my faultiness.”
  • data: “Resonance and reflection with other people will show out the value and worthiness of the up2U-sequence.” – personal experience
  • data: “Interaction with people will shape the content and its description to a higher level of precision.” – personal experience
  • data: “By improvement on description, it will be adopted easier and therefore wider.” – personal experience
  • Vision:
    “Cooperation based on the up2U-protocol increases availability of resources for what should be in the world and reduces harm on its way of becoming reality”.

As You can see, I am on my limits. I can reflect on my personal experience but only inside its limits.
I need interaction with You to grow beyond barriers of personal context.

I need You to show me:

  • Did You get the point?
  • What are the right words to choose?
  • Does it evolve some relevance for Your life?
  • If You cannot commit: what does it take, to get You in?

/How to act?

As You saw in the lines above, I did my move.

Now, please do Yours.
“Likes” are nice, but not more.
Sometimes, they come so fast, I wonder whether someone is capable of truly reading what I worked out for hours and over several days within a few minutes after publishing.

I am desperately lacking on interaction. There are no comments, no contacts, eMails etc. on this up to now.
Every appreciating feedback I get so far, I receive in private conversations with people, I already know personally.

I know, there is a lot more beyond my personal filter bubble. I want to connect to.
Please, show me who and what is out there!

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