Real estate

There is a ghost wandering around Germany past years. It started somewhere back in 2007/2008 and met on people that are more or less already hysteric about real estate.

Prices went always up where I went – for Business. There was no other topic discussed in private words at Munich for years now.
“Did You already bought?”, “What do You look for?”, “Did You found something?”

I stood aside and wondered.
My parents lost 50% of their capital back in the eighties as a comparable hysteria took place.
That times with around 15% interest rate on a real-estate-loan. Can You imagine this today?

Nowadays, people seem to think, real-estate is more or less for free, because of almost no interest rate at all. But, be careful. There are other variables in the equitation.

And one constant: real estate is immobile, usually.

So, where is the link to the up2U-protocol?
In the protocol, there are to options to go. Red path and blue path.

The blue is about the hard facts. It is about limited variants. The things that are.
True or false. Stupid.

The Red path is about what can be. It is about what is possible, if ideas shape a vision that is shared and joined by people who commit to realize it.

Conflicts occur, when people interact on different bases.
One party seeks for realizing a dream, another party serves that longing by using expected words that will not equal physical world precisely.

Disappointment and frustration, win and loss are the consequences.
So, be careful about words.

It’s all about integrity. Act on data!

My usual posts contain around 1000 words and some images to catalyze thoughts.
A picture is worth a 1000 words.” So, there we go …

/Real estate is …



/condensed wealth




/Real estate means …



/old-age insurance

/conveniantly situated

/great history


/favourable location

/exciting view

/Real estate can be …

/convenient infrastructure

/space for visions

/future development

/interesting prospects

/commercial opportunities

/visionary place

/”almost” ready to move in


/Share Vision (⌂)

You find a common vision by sharing Your thoughts (≈).
But, be precise when decide about what is the overall vision-scope (⌂) and You decide to start small (∆!).

Can You afford to commit and lose what You spend? Effectuation.

/Act on Data

Make sure, every one of the participants is crystal clear of what YOU are talking about and acting upon.
It is better to double check instead of build silently on assumptions.

  • Does it fit?
  • Can it be refined by another iteration on negotiations?
  • Or is it still two pairs of shoes?

Make sure, the data You act on today is still valid in future.
This too will pass …

/famous last words

Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

“Enjoy, and share what You like.”
“Feel free to make life great!”

“Likes” are welcome. Comments are appreciated.

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