Easy application – postcards

As I started working on implementation of the up2U-protocol, I noticed that I need more media.

Yes, there is code – signs, colors, relationship of objects to each other (code sequence).
But, acceptance gets faster and smoother at the same time as I used media (Presentation on Screen).

Well, the challenge is, where You do not have a smart screen at hand.
So, I searched for a better (more universal) medium to carry the message on.

I contacted my well-known print provider next to where I live.
In several iterations via eMal, telephone, sample print, I finally got the version 1.0 to life.
I needed it for probing @agiLE#10. Next chance to get feedback of the agile community would be in more or less four weeks later.
So, I set myself into hurry.
It was one of the relevant data needed to share and to finalize solution scope.

But, no problem.
I am quite familiar with the printing business and they knew me from production of the pre-prototype of the USG (Userstory Generator).
So, we were already acting in a complicated world on very few issues of uncertainty.
We needed just two iterations through the red path until production state – this is fast!

Why did we perform so well?
We did it more or less same way as I offered BTO computers in the 90’s.
You have to take Your time on red path to perform in blue.
The more red You carry with You into the blue path, the more loss You realize.
It is all about efficiency.
If You want to have it fast – go slow.

That’s how we did it.

How to apply?

How do You change Your environment to the next version of great?

One nice work hack is to spread these postcards all over the place.
Look for the most frequented places and make it available there.

But be careful, people need to be informed about what they could find in that.
It does not work out from itself.
An You are struggling for attention with several other attractions.

Another method with even more impact resulting from, is to contact people personally.
I did that at the client, where the final component to define the protocol was found by me. Everybody was informed and applied the protocol more or less actively, already. They all knew what it is and therefore appreciated the ease in communication.

The action was “one for You and one for somebody who needs it”.

You can also place as easter egg @ places, where people find it on second sight.

It’s up to You how to communicate – be red – be creative!

How do I get?

Well, You need media to apply to Your environment.
Good news: You can get it here.

I am still in the Lean Startup mode.

How much is the fish?

What would You invest to improve Your communication culture?

This is a difficile question between the two antipodes price and value.
I would like to talk to You about the value.
You “normally” want to keep that date secret, because You

  • cannot determine
  • cannot estimate in advance
  • have no assurance in advance (lacking guarantee)
  • do not want to pay “too much”

Well we can address the pricing thing. I will also give You a 100% satisfied or money back guarantee.

The thing “not too much” is Your personal obstacle, resulting from Your attitude.
This product cannot change it – only You can change Your attitude.

Volumes available!

You can have packages of different sizes.

50 pcs. for personal use (family size)
250 pcs. for family use (clan size)

You can shop directly here.

Bigger volumes (enterprise size) on special request and negotiation.
You are welcome to ask here!

What is it about these numbers?

Ever heard of Dunbar’s number?

Probably yes. How many Facebook-Friends You can serve?
Depends … numbers differ between 135 and 180, depending on Your source.
This is the maximum number of communication relationships, one can take care of (clan size, village size).

Fifty people is the size of the outer family (uncles, cousins etc.). Fifteen people is Your inner family size (parents, brothers, sisters).

A small brick (50/250 postcards) is easy to ship and enough for Your inner family and work environment.
That’s the thing about the numbers.

You should not need to order more than You really need.

Are You ready?

I would like to know Your stories.
Feel free to share here as comment or as direct communication.

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