The sunken Page

Thank You!

You are here, most probably because You followed a link from a message, I use to express my acknowledgement of something we share.

I also intend to show deep appreciation.
And especially, I would like to show that Your action has results and consequences.

“That is self-evident”, You might tend to think.
No, it is not!
There is less evidence in the world as most people think.

As a wise man once said

People think too much and ask too rarely.
Dr. Willi Brendle

/what is all that?

Some day ago, I decided to express more gratitude to the world.
Due do the fact, I operate mostly from TL stage 5, there is pretty much to be thankful for.

Heroes do not need to say “thank You!”

Now, I have a dilemma to solve

  • should I invest reasonable amount of time in an individual message which might not be valued at all?
  • Or, do I invest some thoughts into a generic page to explain what this is all about and reference to it – to whom ever that might concern?

Guess, what I decided for.

/I want to believe!

From my experience, a little “Thank You” can change a lot.

And therefore, I show my appreciation on a regular basis.
I do this more or less in public to make it visible and to inspire by example.

I made

gratitude to my attitude.

The more people express what matters to them, the more orientation we all get in this world.


In Your social life, You are missing landmarks to orientate against.

  • what, if You will express gratitude every time You feel it?
  • what, if others express their gratitude, every time they feel it?
  • what, if You experience gratitude more often than today?


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.

AND thank You!

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