What shall we do with the drunken Sailor?

“… wheigh, heigh and up we rise him …” as it is given in the lyrics of this famous shanty.

So, what should that be? A little post about drugs and life …

The paradox of life:
People like to change, but do not like to be changed.
Simple, but of enormous consequences.

/the basics

People use substances to change themselves. They use water to stimulate circulation.
Warm water will intense positive effect.
Some additions will increase effects to the one or the other.

/accepted substances

I have female colleagues of highest reputation. They build their status “only” on drinking coffee.
It is not the drink itself, anymore.

It is the ritual, the atmosphere, the formal-informality and the availability all around in our shared work environments that let information and gossip flow and build up connections that are very useful in aftermath.

We do not “have” the time for a Japanese tea ceremony?
We do not have Chinese Pu-Erh at hand?
We “can not” boil water to 65°C for Taiwanese Oolong?
We can, if we only want to!

And that is the point. Everybody does something with a reason.
Even “I cannot tell, everybody does” is a reason. Social behavior. Stupid.

/other substances

Every drug taken, tells something about its user. The person aims to something by using certain substances.

But where “drug” begins? Where “drink” ends?
Hard to tell. The red line seems to run where negative impacts overweight the positive ones.
And, that has very much to do with knowledge and familiarity.

To my surprise, I read in Miles Davis’ biography, that heroine was quite wide-spread and popular back in the 50’ies and 60’ies between musicians.
The film “Ray” reminded me of that.
In my youth, heroine consume was communicated like a death sentence.

In several cultures, use of THC is quite common. Back in the eighties (West), teachers and “the public” treated it as it was the entrance to hell.

Muslims and abstainers have a hard time in Germany without alcohol.
You cannot be part of certain “in-crowds” in rural areas or public orgies like “Oktoberfest” without drinking alcohol.

So, drugs are all around. What do they tell us?
Very interesting: World Drug Report (UNO)

/why change?

Every drug influences in a certain way. By the drug, You can tell what should be different.
There are drugs that let You perform and others let You open up.

/blue drugs

There are these drugs that block Your pain receptors.
They let You extend beyond “possible”.
While the body cries “Stop!!”, these drugs block Your attention to Your body and let You go further and further.

Substances in this class make You cope with outer reality better.
They implement happiness, where mind sees no reason for.

The point: users accept the limitation left and right and head forward.

/red drugs

The other class let You open up. They lower burdens, “extend consciousness”, are relaxing …

These drugs should change Your perception of “what is” into something “what is wanted to be”.
It gives inspiration, ideas and courage that is otherwise limited by everyday social surroundings.

It gives You the illusion of being connected to someone else, while You are not really.
Proof: watch two drunken people “telling themselves stories” and watch one drunken tell one sober. Three of them are having fun. Guess who.

The point: users get over limitations to connect to something other.


There are substances, I lack from insight what they are good for and how they really effect.
But, it might have certain reasons why they are illegal in several legal systems.
Imagine Heroine.


Drugs are able to build up cultures and economic systems on.
Some of them remain in sub-cultures, other components merge into mainstream.

/the bad?

Imagine alcohol. It is deeply positioned in western cultures. Prohibition did not extinct, but created several other phenomena.
The gang rivals in Chicago those times, but also their “look” and some others like NASCAR.

In the eighties, it was cocaine from South America – Scarface, Miami Vice. Fashion also.

Meth, pot, what so ever. The pattern is comparable.

/the good?

Nonetheless, there are movements that arose from music, other art and drugs that are a little more accepted, culturally.

  • Summer of Love“; Woodstock
  • “Swinging London” and the Northern Soul scene
  • Love Parade” and vibrating Berlin – later moved to the Pott.
  • CeBIT in Hannover.
    Back in the ’00s it was the biggest Business party in the world.
    So much energy.
    One week. Day and night …

All these have origins and roots within drug usage. Yes, CeBIT also!

/the ugly?

Problems arise from human beings. I did not found any evidence of mental diseases in wild life, yet. But I am not that deep into it.
Brain possession we share with all other species that are considered as “alive”.
However, it is mind that makes us and causes harm, also.

Good news: You can work on it.

The easy way is religion. Remember Marx and opium.
The hard way is working on Your mindset. But, it is the more sustainable way.
And it is pre-requisite to some call “Nirvana“.

/building up mindset

Your mind reflects the outer world. It is built from perceptions of aspects to this outer world.
Nobody can work on it, except Yourself. You “decide” what’s loaded into Your mindset program or stays out. Will it be “belief” or will it be experience?
You build up by experience and reflection to it. Beliefs are only copies without reflection.
Monkey see, monkey do.
Do You already own wooden headsets to serve Your cargo cult-ure?

One situation two people experience, two different perceptions – or one. Depends …

The sequence is

  • See, what is
  • Reflect, what it means
  • Act as You understood

Meditation – as secular meditation – is a great technique to stabilize mind and re-gain the force that lies within.
Some call that “clearness”. Other describe “enlightenment” by practicing.

However, … just do it. 😉


Drug usage tells something about the user. By the drug, You can tell where deviations between outer reality and inner reality might be.
Or as the song tells “You can tell the day by the bottle that You drink”.
But be careful and reflect the social context. It might be influencing beliefs and availability of substances.

You cannot build societies upon drugs. Drugs are an escape of what is.
That is, why organizations react so rigid on drugs. Even that, whose business is built upon drugs.
Organizations need people as they are, not as someone imagines, others might be.
Be careful: this is fundamental different from a vision of people  like ethics or “prophecy“.

You might have noticed, I changed the quote of the shanty a little.
I do not want to accept role models of those hard times in the past.
I also wanted to insist on responsibility for Your fellow humans.
Therefore, I quoted “we” instead of “she” in the beginning of this post.

/dead or alive

Just enjoy: Bon Jovi – “Wanted Dead or Alive
And afterwards, You may reflect on its lyrics

Used as intro of
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
… one of the most non-understood films in history. Stupid.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.

/famous last words

Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

/invitation to resonante

I would like to ask You for three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all
– You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

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    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.

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